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Broadcast Trivia Game

We are providing one answer sheet per person for monthly trivia. Good Luck and Enjoy!!!


As a reminder, Trivia Questions are called each weekday on Memories 101.7 FM Radio at 6:25am and 10:17am - New Time - as part of “Tips & Trivia.”


We do not give out Trivia Questions over the phone at the Senior Center or the Radio Station if you miss hearing it.


Occasionally, due to technical difficulties, there may be an error in the broadcasting of “Tips & Trivia” and the called question for the day.  In such cases, we do not substitute for the day, but continue on to the next day.  Remember, everyone is affected the same way, so no one misses anything on these rare occasions.


Mark your answer sheet accordingly if you have the correct answer.


If you correctly answer 50% of the TRIVIA QUESTIONS, you are eligible to be added into the monthly drawing for a prize.


You must mail in your winning answer sheet to the Rufty-Holmes Senior Center, 1120 S MLK Jr Ave, Salisbury, NC 28144-5692, or bring it by to receive your prize by the 1st Friday of the following month.


For example, if the game ends on Monday, the 31st, you must return your answer sheet to us by Friday, the 4th,  to be entered into the monthly drawing for that month's prize. You will not be given a new answer sheet until the next cycle begins.


If you have a need to talk with someone at the Center about this program, call 704-216-7714 and ask for the Senior Center Program Manager.

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Click on the icon below to download your Trivia Board Game!

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