Happy 30th Birthday Rufty-Holmes Senior Center! January 4th we celebrate 30 years of thankfulness for a great center, wonderful building and all those who had the foresight to make it happen. Please stop by to celebrate with us on January 4th!

The 30 year old part of the building is showing wear and needs updating. It is also time to look at utilizing the current square footage more efficiently to accommodate the needs and desires of our participants. Clubs and non- fitness class instructors will be asked to assist in a space study to determine optimal program needs. Stay tuned!

In the short term, we plan to move the pool table to the front lounge and offer more tables and casual seating in the café. We understand not everyone will agree with this solution. We ask your patience as we try out this alternate solution, to satisfy many seniors with a variety of needs.

New Comment/Suggestion cards are available with space for your name and contact information. Staff often want to ask details about ideas or concerns or to explain why staff are doing something. We work for you, so having conversations to better understand your needs, is ideal.

Check out Rufty-Holmes’ new Website, which is now mobile and tablet friendly! It is a work in progress, so let us know what you think; but be sure to sign your name!

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